University Scholarship to Study Master Degree Program

Today I will share several university scholarships that you can apply to study abroad. In this post, I will mention both partial and full scholarships which cover tuition fees, living expenses, or both. Some universities will fund your study and living costs, but some of them will just cover either tuition or living expenses only. And in this post, the scholarship will only focus on master's degree scholarship. I will just give the list and brief information about the amount of the scholarship and the link, you need to read the entire information on the websites, please read carefully, because some scholarships are just eligible for certain countries.

I will divide the scholarship based on region, like Asian, European, etc. The scholarships listed below are just based on my own research, if you have more information about other scholarships you can leave it on comment and I will regularly update this post.


I will start from Asian countries, there are many universities in the Asian region which offer scholarships for international students specifically for master degree and doctoral studies, some universities in Korea and Japan also offer scholarships for integrated Master-PhD degree program. Many universities offer a huge amount of scholarships, moreover if it is related to research degree programs.


  1. KAIST university scholarship: Full tuition fee + 350.000 KRW/month for living expenses. Website: KAIST Scholarship


  1. NTHU International Student scholarship: Tuition fee waiver + 5000 NTD/month. Website: NTHU scholarship


Actually, they are not university scholarships but I will include them here.

  1. NUS MBA ASEAN scholarship: Tuition fee waiver. Website: NUS MBA scholarship


Europe is one of the most favorite destinations for international students. Here are some scholarships you can apply to study in Europe. I just mention several countries, because I am not researching for all European countries.


  1. Justus & Louise Van Effen Excellence TU Delft Scholarship: 30.000 Euro per year to cover tuition fee and living cost. Website: TU Delft scholarship


  1. Aarhus University (Danish state scholarship): Tuition fee + living expenses. Website: Aarhus scholarship


  1. ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarship: Tuition fee waiver + CHF 12.000 or CHF 7.500 / semester for stipend. Website: ETH scholarship

United Kingdom

  1. Oxford Clarendon scholarship: Tuition fee + living cost. Website: Oxford scholarship


  1. Politecnico di Milano Merit-Based scholarship: Tuition fee waiver + 10.000 euro or 5.000 euro/year or tuition fee waiver only. Website: Polimi Scholarship


  1. University of Helsinki Scholarship: Tuition fee + 10.000 euro/year or tuition fee only. Website: University of Helsinki Scholarship


Some German universities do not ask for tuition fees, but students need to pay a contribution fee with amount around 300 euro each semester. Here some universities which do not charge tuition fees. You also need to check each study program in the universities, free tuition fees sometimes not apply to all study programs.

  1. University of Munster


  1. Stanford University Knight Hennessy Scholarships: Tuition fees + Stipend + Travel Grant. Website: Knight Hennessy Scholarships

Australia and NZ

Most universities will offer scholarships under the research training program (RTP) schema. You can check the information on the university websites.